Opposition to NSA Surveillance Unites Conservatives, Solid Liberals

Continue reading:  http://www.people-press.org/2014/06/26/section-6-foreign-affairs-terrorism-and-privacy/pp-2014-06-26-typology-6-06/

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  This poll supports our contention that left-leaning Millennials are not as opposed to government/corporate surveillance of their online activities as other groups.

4 thoughts on “Opposition to NSA Surveillance Unites Conservatives, Solid Liberals

    • My hypothesis is that they were the first generation to grow up with computers as part of everyday life. As children, they couldn’t question that which was so familiar to them. Dependency was built in at a very early age. Now they are old enough to question online surveillance and spying, but are reluctant to do anything serious about it. Can you imagine a well-connected young adult today giving up Facebook because it had manipulated their news feed as part of a psychological study? I can’t. Not many of them anyway.


      • That makes sense, but I wonder if they also care less about these kinds of things. At my school, I hear very few discussions about what’s going on in the news. Instead, I hear people talking about what drugs they’re doing, parties, sex, money, selfies, and other personal things.


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