When it comes to gun ownership, the US blows the rest of the world out of the water. And the research on guns suggests that’s probably contributing to our gun murder problem — one that the 74 school shootings that have happened since Sandy Hook demonstrate isn’t yet under control.

Here’s a map of firearm ownership around the world, using 2012 data compiled by The Guardian. The United States has nearly twice as many guns per 100 people as the next closest, Yemen — 88.8 guns per 100 as opposed to 54.8 in Yemen. Here’s how that looks mapped:


8 thoughts on “One map that puts America’s gun violence epidemic in perspective

    • The majority of Americans do not feel that way about guns. The problem of gun violence in the U.S. is due to: 1) inadequate economic opportunity in a hyper-competitive society that induces great stress on the individual and which increases the propensity for crime, 2) the widespread availability of firearms resulting from a grossly unequal political system which empowers numerically small yet financially endowed special interests such as gun manufacturers and right-wing advocacy groups like the NRA.

      Put any nation’s population under this system and the result would be the same.


  1. I fear a French Revolution style unraveling of the US someday with all these guns and extremist out there. It is scary to think how many people are armed and very very unstable. They are one breakdown away from massacre. How much more have to die before the government gets serious about our gun laws. It is time for some serious gun control in the USA.


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