By Robert A. Vella

From Bill Moyers’ Morning Reads for Monday, June 9th 2014:

Dangerous ideologies –> Patrik Jonsson reports for the Christian Science Monitorthat Friday’s attack on a Georgia courthouse was carried out by a member of the “sovereign citizens movement,” who “believe that most of the US government is illegitimate.” Fortunately, only the shooter died in that incident. Another attack in Las Vegas yesterday was worse. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that two police officers were killed “in what appears to be a politically motivated ambush in a pizza restaurant that spilled over to a nearby Wal-Mart, where the two shooters committed suicide after killing a woman in the store.” The shooters reportedly shouted something about starting a revolution, and draped a Gadsden flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”) over their first victims’ bodies. Investigators also “found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists,” according to the report.

Further reading on the Las Vegas story:  Two Cops, Three Others Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Spree

2 thoughts on “Right-wing extremists linked to deadly shootings in Georgia and Las Vegas

  1. Muslims are clearly not the only terrorists. We’ve got people just as bad right here in America, but white racist Tea Party and militia extremists won’t tell you that. They’re “patriots,” of course.


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