9 thoughts on “Those without health insurance falls 3.7% to 13.4% says Gallup, down more for blacks and Hispanics

      • Robert, What I do know but would have to submit my medical records to you to substantiate, is that the new government guidelines required of Medicare [which I don’t have by choice] sent me home from the hospital after a 6 hour surgery wherein I lost over 1/2 of my blood and had a hospital acquired infection at the close of 2 days. I was so sick a skilled nursing facility would not take me so I was released to home. This standard was not in place for Medicare patients until Obamacare was legislated into law.


        • Individual anecdotes, however discomforting, are not sufficient evidence for evaluating a large system like the health care industry. The data must be comprehensive. You could substantiate your claim by quoting and comparing the specific regulatory statutes (both before passage of the ACA and afterwards) that resulted in your negative personal experience. If you would like to post them here, please provide the appropriate links.


        • Robert – I spent enough years on the hill wrapped around the legislative process while working for DoD to understand the regulatory citations you demand for your blog. I’ve cited all the regulatory and study findings I ever intend to do with the exception of an occasional blog I publish myself. Having been a career federal employee and later tossed into a think tank, I’m well aware of how numbers can be manipulated to say whatever we want them to represent. I won’t be returning. I’m all about the daily impact on the citizens of the United States and definitely not for the fat cats of the past 20 years getting wealthy on the backs of the middle class. My individual goal is to help the individual understand they don’t have to accept this substandard medical care without a fight for their rights and demand better.


        • Okay Sheri, I accept your position. However, without substantiation, your assertion that the ACA is resulting in “substandard medical care” remains as just your subjective opinion. All of us have opinions. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. Objective truths cannot be determined from what we believe, but rather, from what we actually know. And, verifiable knowledge cannot be achieved without peer-reviewed analysis of empirical evidence comprehensively obtained.


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