“Flowing at a speed of 46 meters per day, Jakobshavn is currently Greenland’s fastest glacier. Containing enough ice to raise global sea levels by 1.5 feet all by itself, the glacier is one of many of the Earth’s ice giants currently in the throes of irreversible decline.” – Wow!


How large is a cubic kilometer? Think of something the size of a mountain. Now multiply that by ten and you end up with a veritable mountain range. Think of it. An entire mountain range of ice. That’s a good rough comparison to the volume of ice lost from just a single Greenland glacier over the course of a mere 26 days from May 7 to June 1 of 2014.

Jakobshavn Ibrae Ice loss 2014

(Massive ice loss from Jakobsbavn glacier captured by Espen Olsen. Image source: The Arctic Ice Blog.)

For according to reports from expert sea ice observer Espen over at the scientist and ice researcher camp that is Neven’s Arctic Ice Blog, about 7.5 square kilometers over an ice face about 1,300 meters tall (when including the above and below sea level ice front) shoved off from the great Jakobshavn Ibrae glacier during the past month. It was a period…

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4 thoughts on “Ten Cubic Kilometers of Ice Lost From Jakobshavn Glacier in Less than One Month

  1. Here in New Zealand, we get regular reports from our Pacific Island neighbors being flooded out due to rising sea levels. Several them can no longer grow their own food owing to the water table being contaminated with salty sea water.


    • So many people don’t realize that many of the effects of global warming, such as higher sea levels, are ALREADY happening in places such as those you described. It’s also happening in parts of Africa. You’d think all this would get people to realize how serious a threat a worsening climate is.


      • Far too many people won’t realize the threat of climate change until their food and water supplies run out, they suffer from sickness and disease, their houses burn down from wildfires, rising seas smash through their front doors, or until their neighbors desperately take everything they have.


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