The streets of Norfolk, Virginia, regularly flood now at high tide, often trapping people in their homes and preventing them from getting to work.

The City’s $24 million Chrysler Museum of Art was forced to empty its basement and move its HVAC system to the top floor of the building.

Churches in Norfolk now post tide charts on their web sites so people can determine whether they can even get to church.  Some churches are being sold because they can’t pay their skyrocketing flood insurance premiums.

Climate change is not “debated” in Norfolk, Virginia.  Due to an unfortunate confluence of global warming, the Gulf Stream, and the physical placement of the city, the sea around Norfolk Virginia (pop. 250,000), home of the largest naval base on the planet, is rising faster than anywhere else on the East Coast. Norfolk ranks behind only New Orleans in terms of American cities whose populations are threatened by rising seas.


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  1. I thought global warming was a left-wing hoax Virginia? Now do you believe?


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