4 thoughts on “Nothing scares the Right more than a united Left

  1. You said it, pal! Now I feel moved to make a speech! (not to you)
    . May I borrow your soapbox?

    In the absence of a viable Left, we have come to settle for a vague mishmash of everyone left of center: liberals, “progressives”, and anyone who pops off a few buzz words about peace and freedom. Opportunistic liberal institutions, such as the ACLU now shamelessly present themselves as the voices of the Left, something that would have been tolerated by the real Left for about two minutes.
    Liberals and progressives don’t use or respect the precise political language of the Left, which requires us to assume a connection between the oppression of the social sphere and its broadly political expression. It expects us to use that language and the principles that give life to it as we develop a political position, express it clearly and fully, and then remain accountable for it.
    Anarchism empowers the powerless with the freedom of mutual responsibility – not of individualism. Leaving the fallen behind to struggle to their feet alone is not a choice we allow ourselves or our allies.

    Thanks! Here’s your soapbox back.
    See you soon, brother,



    • Thanks for sharing, Claire. I have many friends, family members, and social acquaintances, who self-identify as anarchists or consistently express anarchist sentiments. Even though we mostly agree on public policy concerns, we disagree on the tactics necessary to effect positive social change. While there may come a day when violent social upheaval becomes inevitable, we are not there yet in my opinion. Until then, everything must be done to support the democratic process (e.g. political organization, voting, advocacy, protest, boycotts, strikes, and civil disobedience). Why do I hold this position? Because, as a student of history, I understand that revolution is no guarantee of anything except destruction and human suffering. The French and Russian revolutions, for example, simply replaced one despotic regime with another. The tangible benefits from those revolts didn’t become realized until much later and at a terrible immediate cost. If this view makes me a pacifist, I accept the label.

      Your reference to “liberals” and “progressives” is intriguing and deserves further examination. See: The difference between Liberals and Progressives and why it matters.

      Thanks again,


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