The Obama administration announced on Monday that it would be reversing scheduled reductions to the Medicare Advantage program, dealing a huge victory to private insurers and the bipartisan group of lawmakers who advocated for maintaining the higher reimbursement rates that President Obama claimed only padded company profits.

The Affordable Care Act is supposed to reduce excess payments to private insurers participating in Medicare Advantage, saving the government $156 billion over a decade. The effort to bring Medicare Advantage in line with traditional Medicare began in 2012, and payment reductions were scheduled to take place each year until 2017. But 2015 is the second year that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has cancelled the scheduled cuts following political pressure. Instead, insurers will see a slight increase in payments.


4 thoughts on “Obama Makes Surprise Reversal On Obamacare

  1. As long as health care remains a for corporate profit industry people will suffer. I have no problems with doctors and nurses making a living, and drug companies being paid for their effort, but this greed has got to stop. People are sick and dying and these corporations are lving a life of luxury, it is just plain ol’ wrong.


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