The War on Women is such a strange and unique animal.  We criticize young girls for having sex, we mock them for using birth control and we damn them if they chose abortion.   We promote the idea of virgins until they find the ‘One’ and we equate women who chose what to do with their body to images of the holocaust.

Sometimes, though, that just isn’t enough.   Maybe now is the right time to introduce legislation that makes you a potential criminal for not being able to carry a child to term, because you know, that’s your only real job.   Sound like something out of ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’?   Sorry, concubines, it’s not.


4 thoughts on “Kansas Moves to make Miscarriages an Investigation Event and Defund Planned Parenthood

  1. My sister had a miscarriage, and her pregnancy was planned. She went through excruciating emotional pain, as did her husband/partner. I can’t even imagine her having to go through something like this. It is at times like this that I wished there was a hell.


  2. Some women have medical conditions which make them miscarriage-prone. Inevitably some of these will be criminalised. Seems to be a bit of a slave owner mind-set here. Women’s bodies belong to everyone but themselves. Perhaps a mass exodus of fertile age women from Kansas might cause a re-think.


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