Wisconsin State Sen. Dale Schultz (R)Wisconsin State Sen. Dale Schultz (R)

As his own party pushed through the Wisconsin Senate the latest in a series of measures to make it harder to vote in the state, Sen. Dale Schultz (R) blasted the efforts as “trying to suppress the vote” last week.

Schultz, who is not seeking re-election and was the lone Republican to oppose a bill last week to limit the hours of early voting in every jurisdiction in the state, was a guest on The Devil’s Advocates radio program on Madison’s 92.1 FM last Wednesday. Asked why his party pushed the bill, Schultz responded, “I am not willing to defend them anymore. I’m just not and I’m embarrassed by this.”


Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  How many more Republican politicians across the nation would admit to this if they too were not seeking reelection?

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republican Legislator Tears Into His Own Party For Voter Suppression

  1. Obviously, it’s only because he’s not facing reelection. It would be nice to see more GOP politicians admit some truths after they’ve finished with political office. Unfortunately, I’m sure many are still involved at some level – whether financing others or doing business with them.


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