Saturday morning I was at work in the ED of a large urban teaching hospital in a red state without a Medicaid expansion or a state exchange.  We are the second largest safety net hospital in the United States and at times we can see 300 patients a day in our ED.  We are affiliated with the school of medicine at our beloved state school and we all try very hard to take care of the people with what we have.  Sometimes that makes me and all my coworkers MacGyvers, but we get it done.

As I walked across our brand new mezzanine to the cafeteria to get another large coffee and a scone, I was stunned to see over 200 people waiting in every possible seat, aisle way and corridor.  It was about 8am.  Moms, dads, kids – Mamaws not old enough for Medicare…this is the heartland after all.  They were all hanging out and waiting patiently for sign up day.  Sign up day. For ObamaCare.

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