5 thoughts on “Former Big Oil executive speaks the truth about Fracking and Climate Change (VIDEO)

    • Yes, the guilt factor is peculiar. There is another factor called “fiduciary responsibility” or “fiduciary duty” where executives are obliged to earn profits for their corporation above all else. This was written into American corporate law beginning in the 19th century. Previously, corporate charters were granted by state legislatures for very specific community oriented goals and for limited time-frames. The advent of perpetual corporate person-hood, limited liability status, and the ethical separation of profit-making from the public interest, all laid the foundation for the morally questionable behavior of today’s business executives.


  1. Mr. Alllstadt is retired so has no fear of getting fired. One has the best chance of finding men and woman who speak the truth without fear by looking for retirees. Another example is Paul Craig Roberts. Alllstadt may have signed legal papers/gag orders (never to speak out against fossil fuels, etc. while employed by Mobil) This explains the fear potential whistleblowers who are still employed have that has them decide to keep their mouths shut. Nuclear expert Donna Busche was one courageous enough to hold her ground on Hanford design deficiencies, risking her career in the process.


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