Three members of a Georgia militia have been arrested and charged in federal court regarding a conspiracy to attack federal agencies with explosive devices.  On February 15th two of the men attempted to obtain pipe bombs and thermite devices in order to carry out their attack on the TSA and FEMA and other agencies, according to the US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.  The three men allegedly chatted online from January 23rd to February 15th regarding their plans to attack the Federal government.

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UPDATE: Found another report that gives more detail about how this incident occurred:

Cannon told an FBI cooperating source on Feb. 8 that the group was planning to “start a fight” with the government by attacking power grids, transfer stations and water treatment facilities, which they hoped would trigger martial law, according to prosecutors. Cannon said he would invite the FBI’s source to a private Facebook group, where plans were being made, according to the government.


9 thoughts on “Georgia militia group planned domestic terror to trigger Martial Law and anti-government uprising

  1. Hate to say it, but it was bound to happen. The extremism just keeps rising. Animosity toward government is nigh religious. I find this odd as effective government solves more problems than it causes.


    • Anti-government fervor is indeed nearly a religious belief. I would describe it as a cult-like synthesis of laissez-faire capitalism, Christian fundamentalism, extreme nationalism, and xenophobia. It is inherently authoritarian and opposes the very concept of democracy.


      • I’m not sure if there’s much distinction between cultism and tribalism. Both are exclusionary social constructs. You’re either in the group or you’re out. Cults secure the loyalty of their members through belief systems usually promoted by a charismatic leader. Tribes secure the loyalty of their members through the authoritative qualities of a self-appointed or group-selected chief.

        Since right-wing extremism in America is not headed by any singular leader, and is instead unified by ideology, it appears to be more cult-like than tribal.


  2. I meant that I agree with Robert. I wonder what they think an ideal society would look like. Do they even know?! I guess they want a govt full of people who look and think exactly as they do- white Christian men who hate people from other cultures or points of view. And of course, everyone would be armed to the teeth with assault rifles.


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