The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to consider whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies outside the home, taking a pass on a hot topic that has divided the lower courts.

The court declined to grant review of two laws that restrict handgun ownership by young adults — a federal law barring the sale of handguns to customers under 21 and a Texas law forbidding anyone under 21 to carry a handgun in public. Both laws were upheld by the lower courts.


2 thoughts on “Court Passes On Challenges Restricting Handguns to Young Adults

  1. It is a sign of how out of joint our times are that a decision not to review two noncontroversial, common sense regulations (one by Texas for god’s sake!) would be news. But of course it is, because it not beyond belief at least two and possible all five of the reactionary justices who hold our political and federal legal system hostage would have used the occasion to prohibit society from preventing gun-toting children. Since it only takes four justices to bring a case up for review, the question is, which of the five throwbacks couldn’t be counted on this time? I hope Scalia points him out in one of his typically venomous opinions (hopefully a dissenting opinion).


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