Across the world, bankers are plummeting to their deaths.

In the latest of a series of fatal falls,  a 33-year-old J.P. Morgan employee leapt from the roof of J.P. Morgan’s Hong Kong headquarters on Tuesday, above, plunging thirty stories to his death.

The employee’s role at the bank was unknown. Witnesses say police tried to stop the man from jumping to no avail. The employee’s death is just the latest in a string of seeming suicides that have wreaked havoc in the moneyed class over the past months.


5 thoughts on “After five banker deaths in January, a sixth: J.P. Morgan exec jumps in Hong Kong

  1. If the banksters in general gave a shit about all the harm they do, I could feel more sympathy. You notice Jamie Dimon and the topmost scum are still alive and doing well. Generals are never expendable, they are too special and superior. I guess.


    • ..and Linda, if those ‘bankers’ that jumped needed psychiatric intervention, they could damn well have afforded it unlike the poor homeless souls who are in many cases, veterans and who are suffering from a myriad of psychological issues.

      Those ‘bankers’ have never shown one iota of sympathy for Main Street Americans who committed suicide over the loss of their livelihood and their homes. And I say, “what comes around, goes around.” Again, they get no pity from me! If they are even remotely connected with the banking industry and Wall Street, then they are culpable in what led to the collapse of so many dreams and hopes and aspirations of millions of people.

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