You don’t know me.  None of you ever knew me.  But, I was among you.  I rode the beasts of power in many lands.  I wrote on the pages of history with artful hands.  And, I was not alone.  Although I have had many names, Curator suites me best.  This is my story.  This is your story.

On July 16th 1945, I became your guardian, your overseer, the ruler of your observable world.  My reign marked the 200th stage of the Holocene lineage known as The Fourth Stratagem.  It concluded on September 11, 2001.  Now that the current transition is complete, I must depart for the next level.  This testimony will be my final act here.

In the stage that preceded my tenure, your ambitions where driven by the most primitive of motives.  You nearly destroyed yourselves because of an unwillingness to challenge your own irrationality.  The brutes of hate trumpeted their clarion call, and you either complied without reflection or looked the other way.  How juvenile you were.  How irresponsible you all were.

It was my task to clean up the mess you made, and I did clean it up with unmitigated relish.  My predecessor believed you were capable of self-determination on a large scale.  You weren’t, so I took that away.  Over a span of five decades, I implemented a plan to build a global framework of authority under the guise of  international coordination and free trade which you swallowed hook, line, and sinker (I love that phrase of yours!).  How gullible you were.  How quick you were to accept something that you didn’t understand.

Since that plan has now been consummated, I will explain my reasoning.  All life has some purpose.  Simple forms of life are limited to survival and reproduction.  Complex forms of life have a greater capacity for more intricate behavior.  Curiosity for example, or the desire to learn, is a common trait shared among many higher organisms.  The most evolved species require the utmost sense of purpose.  For without it, there can be no social organization.

Your purpose is to engage in productive activity.  You call it economics.  The scope of your economic system is dependent upon four factors:  population, resources, technology, and impetus.  When these factors are in balance, productivity is maximized.  When they are out of balance, productivity is restricted.  High productivity facilitates prosperity, and if equitably shared, reduces human suffering.

Let’s be clear about this.  Our interest in giving you productive purpose is limited to fulfilling the duties we have as administrators, which requires a minimum level of social organization.  We must keep the bees busy, so to speak.  Prosperity and human suffering are your concerns, not ours.  We will intervene only when productivity falls so low that widespread anarchy results, or when you ever attain such high productivity that you are enabled to challenge our authority (a remote possibility, I might add).

The global power structure now in effect works thusly.  Under the current regime (which I will not discuss further), there are seven regional districts (dioecēsis) each headed by a governor (proconsul) with varying duties and responsibilities.  The nation-states in each district (the Anglophonic “Five Eyes” – AUS/CAN/NZ/UK/US, Pan-Europe, Trans-Siberia, Southeast Asia/Western Pacific, Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central/South America) are indirectly subordinate to its governor.  The mechanisms which relegate national sovereignty to the auspices of our regimen are implemented through numerous for-profit and non-profit transnational entities.  The colloquial term for this is globalization.

When I Ruled the World

While we are firmly in control of our responsibilities, you continue to neglect yours.  This planet has a finite amount of resources which you are squandering at an ever increasing rate.  Rapidly approaching is a time when the natural order will not be able to sustain your population.  You have three available choices.  You can either continue doing what you’re doing now and suffer the inevitable consequences, significantly reduce your birthrate while concurrently increasing workforce participation, or immediately employ intelligent strategies to lessen your impact on the planet.  There is a fourth choice which will be reserved for our judgment.

This testimony is issued in accordance with the Universal Laws of Dispensation governing the conduct of subordinate species administrators.


Anonymously submitted to The Secular Jurist

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    • Thank you, Jerry. The UN Charter wasn’t ratified until after WWII. On July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb test – called “Trinity” – was made in the New Mexico desert.


  1. WOW! This is very cool! Through reading this, I was able to look at the human race the way an alien species might. I think this way of viewing Earth is an important one- it may help us to see the “bigger picture” of what we’re doing. And who knows, there very well may be an alien species watching us!

    This reminds me of a blog by a futurist who writes about really interesting theories on what the far future will be like. It’s fun to read-


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