By Robert A. Vella

A bill sponsored by Democrats to extend unemployment benefits for three months to the 1.3 million workers who were abruptly cutoff after Christmas has been defeated in the U.S. Senate by a Republican filibuster.  The vote was 58-40 in favor of passage, but failed to achieve the necessary 60-vote threshold to override the arcane Senate filibuster rule.

An additional 3.5 million out of work Americans are scheduled to lose their unemployment benefits by the end of this year.

Majority Leader Harry Reid had attempted to find a compromise by offsetting the cost of the extension with the reduction of some corporate tax loopholes, but this tactic failed to garner sufficient Republican support.

Update (3:45 pm PST):  A correction on the numbers.  The bill would have extended benefits to 1.7 million unemployed workers.  An additional 400,000 have lost their benefits since the initial cutoff after Christmas.


8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Senate Republicans defeat extension of Unemployment Benefits

  1. the republican party is determined to loose as many voters to the democratic side as possible before the next election. what assholes!


  2. It’s basically the end for my family and I. I’m not going to be able to pay my bills and mortgage. I have worked so hard and this is what I get, I have not gone on a vacation in over 10 years. My kids are honor students, one of them is high honors. In two years one of them is ready for college. What do I tell them, I don’t have the money for college? Wait until they find out we might be out on the street. I’m 51 and it’s sad I have to live this way. I hope they get through this, they hate the thought of being poor, I guess this is the way we should live. It’s great for our self-esteem.


  3. I just wished this would of happened to on the REP. family and see how fast they would over turned the decision to pass. would be a WHOLE different ball game.. They DON’T care about us AMERICANS! assholes!!


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