The State of Kansas could often be said to be one of those places where torturing your residents just makes sense.   While the work against women, children, the disabled, schools and others continues, the state of Kansas Legislatures took on a new target: Stop Google Fiber.   And not just google fiber, make sure that cities cannot invest in any broadband network technologies.

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Cities which have built out networks, using public funding and businesses to help finance their access, which provides for schools may find themselves on the wrong side of the law, and may suffer reduced funds if they don’t get out of the service.

Kansas families and students, who already suffer with internet connectivity issues may find themselves with near little to none.

I guess, in the mind of state legislators and our governor, who really needs the internet, right?

7:40 PM PT: This piece of legislation may be coming to a state near you.   It’s an ALEC proposal.


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  1. Nothing with ALEC’s name attached to it can be good…and yet everything with their name on it continues to spread like a disease. Ugh.


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