This is a much more thorough examination of the current cold weather conditions in North America than I have posted over the past week. Please read.


Polar Jet Stream Configuration January 8

(Current Polar Jet Stream Configuration. Note the powerful Rossby-Wave zonal flow associated with the 9 month old Pacific Blocking Pattern continuing to flood the Arctic with warmer air and disrupting/collapsing the seasonal polar vortex while shoving Arctic air south over Canada and the US. Image source: University of Washington.)

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A massive rash of human-warming induced extreme weather sweeps across the US and, not surprisingly, the mainstream media has gotten its climate change messaging somewhat wrong again..

In a rather admirable attempt to show how human caused warming is creating and influencing the recent spate of extreme weather, numerous articles have all implicated the, now much renowned, polar vortex in a massive, 20-year, cold snap gripping much of the nation.

Over and over, media reports are the same: Polar Vortex Grips Nation!

Two Sides to The Polar Vortex Story: Human Warming and A…

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2 thoughts on “Cold Snap For US? It’s the Global Warming-Induced COLLAPSING Polar Vortex, Stupid

  1. Excellent article, Robert. The predictions are daunting, and people still appear apathetic or simply unable to grasp the enormity of this moment. Excerpt from article:

    “In the end, Hansen warns of frontal systems packing the strength of hurricanes large enough to span entire continents. These are the powerful effects of continued Arctic warming and of which the current polar vortex collapse is but a symptom.

    To that dark and not so distant future, what we are seeing now is merely prelude.”

    Based on research articles I’ve read and lectures from other scientists and experts since the Copenhagen Climate Summit, I can’t help but agree with Dr. Hanson; that what we are seeing now is merely prelude.


    • Thank you. The robertscribbler blog is a wealth of cutting edge information on climate change. The author has also published a remarkable book on the subject titled “Growth Shock” which is an amazing read. I highly recommend it.

      Climate scientists have been reluctant to publicly share their more dire global warming predictions for obvious reasons, but they are beginning to open up a little now since those actualities are being realized.

      The scientific record shows that climate change doesn’t always happen gradually or uniformly. It is subject to dramatic shifts when forcing factors become anomalous, as is happening now with the rapid accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The richness of Earth’s biosphere is dependent upon the maintenance of a delicate climatic balance. When it gets out of balance, drastic changes result which we see as mass extinctions in the fossil record. And, we are probably witnessing another one in real time.


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