By Robert A. Vella

Today’s news out of the Middle East isn’t good.  Al Qaeda has captured the city of Falluja which could involve the U.S. in another Iraq War, and is fighting against other Syrian rebel forces opposed to the regime of President Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

From:  As Al Qaeda Takes Falluja: Iraq War, the Sequel?

The Times reported:

The violence in Ramadi and Falluja had implications beyond Anbar’s borders, as the Sunni militants fought beneath the same banner as the most hard-line jihadists they have inspired in Syria—the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. That fighting, and a deadly bombing in Beirut on Thursday, provided the latest evidence that the Syrian civil war was helping breed bloodshed and sectarian violence around the region, further destabilizing Lebanon and Iraq while fueling a resurgence of radical Islamist fighters.

Then yesterday came word that Falluja has fallen to the Al Qaeda rebels and also the key town of Karma (yes, that’s the very apt name). One senior police official in Anbar said Saturday that “Falluja is completely under the control of Al Qaeda.”  Helluva job, Bushie.

Then, this morning, Richard Engel of NBC tweeted: “Both US and iran offering to help baghdad fight off al-qaeda in western Iraq. If attack on area comes, could be start of s/t big.”

From:  Syria Rebels Battle Al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters

In neighboring Syria, anti-government rebels are battling militants from the the same al-Qaeda-linked group. Clashes between the factions erupted across northern Syria over the weekend and spread to the key eastern city of Raqqa earlier today.

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