The Contrary Perspective

Alex Dunn.  Introduction by William Astore.

The New Year promises much misinformation about Obamacare as “socialism.”  Whatever else you can say of Obamacare, it’s not state-owned or state-provided.  Rather, it relies on private, for-profit insurance companies to provide health care coverage.  In short, health care in the USA remains a market-based commodity.  You get what you pay for, assuming you have the money or coverage to pay.

Anyone who’s dealt with medical bills in the US knows the baffling nature of the system.  The deductibles, the co-pays, often the need to obtain prior authorization from your insurance provider before your doctor can act—all this and much more make the system incredibly complex.  Even with private medical insurance, many Americans are driven to financial ruin by escalating medical bills.  Medical bills remain the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US, affecting nearly two million people a year.

Of course…

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