1. The total deal is $85 billion. About $45 billion of that replaces sequestration cuts in 2014. About $20 billion replaces sequestration cuts in 2015. About $20 billion is deficit reduction atop sequestration.

2. The sequestration relief is evenly divided between defense spending and non-defense discretionary spending. The sequester’s cuts to mandatory spending are unaffected.


Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  A lot of people aren’t going to like this deal.  Democrats didn’t get to close some corporate tax loopholes that would’ve raised revenue, Republicans didn’t get any cuts to Social Security or Medicare, and the American people didn’t get a badly needed extension of unemployment benefits.  However, compared to the absurd government shutdown in October and the insane threat not to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, this agreement restores a degree of bipartisanship and allows the federal government to do its job.  Halleluiah brother!  Our political heathens are beginning to see the light!

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on this bill tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Here’s what’s in Paul Ryan and Patty Murray’s mini-budget deal

  1. I definitely believe the government should stay open. After working many years in DC, I always chuckle when I read DC has closed due to weather. While I appreciate the concept, for many of us that meant nothing.
    I’m afraid the House of Representatives will not vote favorably on the bill that will keep government open. I lived through some of those classic closures and reduction in operating system needed to keep going – yet as loyal employees, we bought our own equipment and kept going.
    At this point I feel I’m riding out the wave until of the very destruction of our country.


    • I greatly appreciate your loyal public service. If more Americans valued and participated in our democracy, the threat of its destruction would be lessened. Let us continue to strive towards that goal.


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