An inconvenient truth told brilliantly through poetry.


Is unemployment down or are they messing with our head?
If the jobs are just not there; might as well just stay in bed.

So, you’re moving in with mom and mom is moving in with me.
What the hell is going on? There are those who still can’t see.

The economy’s on the rebound; that’s what is in the news.
But my reality is so different from what the hacks effuse.

Stop listening to their noise; don’t buy into their shit.
Their rags are corporate owned, find the truth that they omit.

They falsify the numbers and they screw us every day.
It all just makes no sense. What the hell? They think we’re fey?

They’ll sell to you a smartphone which tells me that you’re dumb.
You’ve a brain inside your head, but it’s useless when you’re numb.

Your life is not your own, they’ve convinced you not to…

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