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[Jayne] Weintraub, a Florida defense attorney who often appears on TV to provide the viewpoint of the defense in a criminal trial, said on the July 12 edition of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live that Stand Your Ground “is a terrible, terrible law” and that “it’s almost giving extra permission for those who carry guns.”

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During a July 2 appearance on Morgan’s show, Weintraub said of Zimmerman’s actions on the night of Martin’s death, “Should he not have had a gun? Of course he shouldn’t have had a gun. I don’t think anyone should.” Weintraub also called Zimmerman, who at the time of the Martin shooting was a neighborhood watch volunteer, a “wannabe cop” but suggested he was nonetheless innocent of criminal liability.

While the trial was ongoing, Weintraub tweeted that she believed both Zimmerman and Martin were “rascists” [sic]: