Craig Cobb Leith North Dakota

Authorities revealed today that Neo-Nazi and Canadian hate-crime fugitive Craig Cobb’s arrest over the weekend stemmed from an incident involving a former follower of the racial purist.

According to local prosecutors, after other white supremacists in Leith learned that Cobb possessed “sub-Sarahan African” DNA, one of them — currently not identified by name by the police — spray-painted “BACK IN BLACK” on Cobb’s house.


5 thoughts on “How ironic: White supremacist home defaced by racist graffiti after revelations about his African DNA

  1. What is that old saying? “May you reap what you sow!”

    “Why hate me for MY complexion?”
    “This could have been YOUR reflection.”

    ….and can ya believe it? Turns out it’s his!! LOL!!!


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