Last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, the talented cable news host explained how out-of-state groups like Monsanto poured big money into Washington state to defeat the genetically modified (GMO) food labeling initiative I-522.

In early September, polls showed I-522 passing 66-21%.  Then, the outside corporate cash flowed in like a flood setting a record or near record for political spending in this pacific northwest state.  The polls began to tighten, and by election day public sentiment had been reversed.  Although ballots were still being counted as of today, I-522 appears to be losing by about 8-10 points.

Maddow pointed out that $2.6 million of the $5.8 million spent on advocating for I-522 came from approximately 10,000 in-state donors.  Conversely, only a mere $550 dollars out of the $22 million spent against I-522 came from in-state donors.  Yes, you read that right – $550 dollars.

Does big money from corporate and special interests control our elections?  What do you think?

Watch the video:  Corporate cash sways voters on GMO foods

3 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow explains how Big Money killed the GMO food labeling initiative in Washington (VIDEO)

  1. They not only control our elections they control nearly everything that happens in politics and even the larger society.


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