The nationwide Fox News dragnet to find and publicize anyone who might have been adversely affected by the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) keeps getting derailed by diligent reporters armed with facts.  Here are two recent examples which blew up in their right-wing propagandist faces:

From:  Fox News Finds A Victim — Of Republicans’ Obamacare Sabotage

Fox host Elisabeth Hasselbeck welcomed guest Tammy Fiechtner onto the November 1 Fox & Friends to discuss a letter she received from her insurer explaining that she’s being automatically moved to a new insurance plan. Hasselbeck hyped “what’s being called the Obamacare coverage gap,” saying, despite the letter, that she “hasn’t gotten a new plan. In fact, she doesn’t have coverage at all.” Fiechtner’s comments shed more light on her predicament; the new plan she was being moved to had a similar premium, but a higher deductible. Fiechtner then explained that after exploring her options, she found that she would have qualified for Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s expansion of the program, but her Republican-led home state of Nebraska chose not to accept the Medicaid expansion (emphasis added):

FIECHTNER: When we went on the website, we found out that we didn’t qualify for Obamacare because of how our business structure works. So, we were told that we had to go on Medicaid, which I don’t understand why I have to be on Medicaid, but that’s where they directed us to. Nebraska did not expand Medicaid, so there will be no help for people like ourselves. So we now are forced to buy a new plan all on own and face these expenses by ourselves.

As The New York Times reported, the ACA was “written to require all Americans to have health coverage” and “about 30 million uninsured Americans were to have become eligible for financial help” through subsidies for lower-income earners and the Medicaid expansion. According to the Times, the Supreme Court’s 2012 decision to allow states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion left millions of low-income consumers without financial help in acquiring insurance:

From:  Once Again, Fox Misleads To Manufacture Obamacare Victims

The October 29 edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto featured two “victims” of the ACA who had previously appeared in a misleading NBC report on the sticker shock of the health care law. Host Neil Cavuto spoke first with Deborah Cavallaro, a Los Angeles resident highlighted repeatedly by NBC, who received a notice saying her current plan would be replaced by a plan with higher premiums.

Like NBC, Fox failed to mention that Cavallaro’s current plan “barely deserved to be called insurance at all.” Moreover, neither network compared Cavallaro’s current plan to those that she could get on the California exchange, where a Bronze Plan would cost less and likely offer more coverage than her current bare-bones plan. In a post for The American Prospect, Paul Waldman described the shortcomings of Cavallaro’s current plan, and his search on the California exchange website using her information:

We learn in this story that her insurer is cancelling her current plan, which costs $293 a month, because it doesn’t comply with the new law. They’ve offered her a new plan at $484 a month. That sounds like it sucks! But here are some things the story never tells us.

First, what exactly was her old plan? Deborah looks to be around 45. If she bought a plan on the individual market for $293 a month, I can guarantee you it barely deserved to be called insurance at all (I’ve bought insurance like this on the individual market). It probably had a deductible in the thousands of dollars and had substantial cost-sharing for any significant medical event. But the story doesn’t tell us what sort of insurance she has.


But wait. Maybe she’s not a victim after all. How does the $484 plan her current insurer is offering compare to the other ones she could get? Did she or the reporter go to the California exchange and try to figure that out? Apparently, they didn’t. But I did.

It took less than 60 seconds. Let’s assume that Deborah has a high enough income that she isn’t eligible for subsidies. I put in that I was 45 years old and got nine different choices for a Bronze plan, which in all likelihood most closely resembles what Deborah has now. The average monthly cost was $258, or $35 a month less than what Deborah’s paying now for her bare-bones plan. And that’s for a plan that, while it’s the least expensive option, almost certainly involves less cost-sharing that what Deborah has to deal with now. She can get a Silver plan, with more generous coverage, for $316, only $23 more than she’s paying now. Congratulations, Deborah!

5 thoughts on “Fox News and the true stories of two purported Obamacare ‘victims’

  1. Your inclusion of Debra Cavallaro’s sob story is a perfect way to describe how Obamacare really works and how Fox News twists information- the audience was never told the full facts. The fact is that she will be better off under Obamacare than she ever would with her old plan.


  2. Fox News Anchors are trained in the art of sophistry should we be surprised? Sure sounds true but there isn’t a whole lot there to back it up or sometimes nothing there. I have heard these Obama Care faux horror stories all over the news and many of them are very deceptive and only telling a small portion of the facts. You have to look at the entire plan not just Premiums, low premiums and sky high deductibles and lousy healthcare plans is what many of these people had before.


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