Wow!  The Tea Party isn’t just radically right-wing.  It’s also cannibalistic.  Now, they’ve created a Grover Norquist style pledge opposing the reelection campaigns of the 87 House Republicans who recently voted to end the damaging government shutdown effort that attempted to defund Obamacare.  The pledge accuses these more responsible representatives as being “traitors.”  Check it out:  http://www.stopthetraitors.com/

Ironically, the Tea Party isn’t too happy with their former tax idol either.  From:  Lobbyist’s tea party tweet sparks new round of GOP infighting

In the latest episode of infighting among Republicans, the conservative political action committee the Madison Project criticized a tax lobbyist with the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform  on Thursday afternoon for calling tea party activists “retarded” in a tweet, prompting regret from the lobbyist, who said he shouldn’t have used the language he did.

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Americans for Tax Reform is headed by by Grover Norquist, a well-known activist in the fiscal conservative movement. Norquist recently said that the effort to defund the health-care law “hurt” the conservative movement.

2 thoughts on “GOP Civil War: Tea Party is going after 87 House Republicans who voted to end Government Shutdown

    • Absolutely. Although I’m not fond of America’s two-party system, I do want it to work. And, it cannot work if one of the major parties is self-destructing like the GOP is now.


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