Enquiries on Atheism

Abraham Lincoln

By Robert A. Vella

Much has been said and written about America’s consensus choice as its greatest president.  No U.S. political figure ever faced the weight of responsibility that Abraham Lincoln endured during his four plus years in the White House.  His preservation of the Union and his emancipation of the slaves stand out as paramount achievements in the history of the nation.

However, much less is known about his religious beliefs.  Some have described him as a “skeptic”[1] and even an “iconoclast.”[2]  Others have taken an opposite view.  The noted Christian author Stephen Mansfield described Lincoln as a “religious pilgrim” who transformed from a fiery atheist in youth to a man with deep spiritual convictions later in life (see:  Abraham Lincoln’s Faith, ‘Battle With God,’ Explored In New Book).  It could also be postulated that “Honest Abe” was essentially a deist or perhaps a pantheist

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