U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton has denied a request by the Virginia Democratic Party to reinstate the names of approximately 38,000 Virginia voters who have been purged from the voting rolls in that State.  According to The Washington Post:

The lawsuit stemmed from an anti-voter fraud program, known sometimes by the shorthand Crosscheck, that allows officials in the states that use it to compare voter rolls and weed out those who are registered in more than one place. This year, the program flagged more than 300,000 names, and the state forwarded more than 57,000 of those to local election officials for further review and possible removal.

In the lawsuit filed in federal district court in Alexandria, the Democratic Party alleged that the program was rife with error, citing three examples of Virginians who were improperly removed from the voting rolls. They also argued that local election officials were treating the 57,000 names they were supposed to review in different ways. Some, the Democrats said, removed names without any review, while others did not remove any names at all.

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Approximately 38,000 names were removed from the voter registration rolls.  This purge has taken place within weeks of the election for Governor and other state offices in Virginia.  According to The Washington Post, some local election officials have indicated that they were given insufficient time to research the names.


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  1. How convenient massive thinning of the roles before an election, sounds very underhanded and unconstitutional.


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