I reblogged this for all the “sensible” moderates out there who insist America has moved beyond racism, that Christian fundamentalism isn’t dangerous, and that right-wing ideology isn’t sociopathic.

Black Atheists

I received this email yesterday from a disgruntled idiot. I wouldn’t try and send the idiot a message, the email is fake. I don’t know what WordPress is doing about this, but the contact feature needs work.

The contact feature needs work because people who send this kind of racist crap will think twice about it, seeing as it will be their real email.

I’m still trying to figure out what a fake atheist is. The other garbage about Obamacare, the NWO, welfare and food stamps is just what it is…garbage. It’s laughable nonetheless.

It’s hard to call this guy a troll because of how asinine this message is. How can you tell the difference between a troll and someone that truly believes the things he use his keyboard to say? I’ve come across a lot of trolls and I don’t think he is one.

Update to…

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