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Yesterday, I ordered some fast food at a local Panda Express drive-thru window.  The server was uncommonly friendly and courteous in genuine manner.  She deserved a tip.  Customers typically don’t tip fast food workers, but after this experience I’m going to start doing it regularly.

During payment, I told the server the extra amount was a gratuity.  The server replied that she wasn’t allowed to accept tips.  I was flabbergasted!  A good chunk of my career has been in customer service, and never have I been told by an employer that I couldn’t accept tips.  I asked to speak with her supervisor.  The young gentleman came over to the window and explained that the no-tip rule was “company policy.”  Undeterred, I firmly asserted that policy to be “wrong.”  The supervisor seemed chagrined to find himself in such a dilemma.  He abruptly relented and allowed the server to accept the gratuity.

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