Recently, I had a discussion with a free-market libertarian on another blogger’s post.  The commentary exchange is worthy of note because it reveals much about the mindset of anti-government fervor in the U.S., as well as the socioeconomic perspective of progressives like myself.

The individual advocating laissez-faire policies has a domain name currently up for sale attached to their user profile.  I couldn’t determine if they actually run a blog on this site, but it doesn’t appear that they do.  If not, that person may fit the definition of a “troll” – someone who surfs the web looking to counter information which refutes right-wing ideology, and looking to get honest bloggers suspended by provoking them.  Some trolls are freelance operators, and some are paid activists working for conservative political organizations.

See the comment section of this post to read our exchange:  Cato Institute doesn’t know about the 2008 economic collapse.  Also, I highly recommend following the apolitical J.uris D.ebtor blog for some really excellent in-depth economic analysis.  You’ll learn a lot.