Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has pledged his support for single-payer health care in the past, but his recent efforts to bring zero-cost sharing primary and preventive care to Montana government employees and retirees may be doing something that most progressives would only dream could happen in America: bringing NHS-style, socialized medicine to Montana.

This is a big deal and — while currently limited to state employees and retirees — could be laying the groundwork for America’s most socially-just health care system. NPR has the details:


6 thoughts on “Forget Obamacare, Montana has a real plan for Socialized Health Care

  1. Better care, more time with the doctor, more follow up and half the cost. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, fee-for-service medical care is one of the biggest problems with american health care. I hope this idea spreads.


  2. Very occasionally an idea is put into practice in a state where you might least expect it. Montana is one such state…and the second time this year to feature in such a surprise. Until the courts struck down its provisions, Montana had the most progressive campaign finance system in the country. One cannot help but wonder what other far sighted measures Montana has in place which have been kept secret from the rest of the nation.


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