An excellent piece on GOP measures in the states to restrict women’s reproductive rights which The Secular Jurist believes to be deeply rooted in a form of patriarchal social control as old as time itself. Readers should explore the subtle mechanisms Republicans are using to close health clinics that provide abortions such as this “admitting privilege” requirement in Wisconsin: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/25/clinic-sale-means-end-abortion-services/2586027/


Finally, after years of Republican success in rescinding women’s rights, the courts are stepping in and doing their jobs. If a new law is invented by a particularly misogynistic politician(s) that is unconstitutional, it’s illegal and shouldn’t be allowed. Not a difficult concept. 

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is doing an admirable job on her show at covering women’s rights. There aren’t very many other news outlets that will give you as much news on this front as she does. 

From MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s blog(maddowblog.msnbc.com): 

While Republicans furiously approve new restrictions on reproductive rights at the state level, they keep running into one persistent problem: the courts.

A federal judge has blocked enforcement of North Dakota’s new abortion law — the nation’s most restrictive.

The law, which was set to take effect next week, would ban abortions beginning at six weeks, when the fetal heartbeat can be detected.


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One thought on “Abortion Restrictions Blocked in North Dakota

  1. Thanks for the reblog!

    Your point about patriarchal social control is an interesting one- it does seem as if the men of the GOP feel they have a right to tell women what to do, often using the excuse of “trying to protect the health of women.” That’s so disgusting because they aren’t protecting us, they are controlling us because they feel that, as men, they have “dominion” over women.


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