Fox Television’s newest entry into the world of “reality” television has gone too far. In this new series businesses put employee’s against each other in a dog eat dog battle to keep their jobs. The show promotes enployee’s as the sole problem when a business begins to flounder and touts the owners/CEO’s as the “good guys”.

In this economy it is gut wrenching watching people go at each other like rabid dogs in an attempt to keep their jobs and food on their table. Whether they are fired or not is not truly measured by their actual workplace performance, but on their performance in the show which is surely stirred up by its producers for more drama and higher ratings.

Fox is making a blatant mockery of hard working Americans and treating their ability to stay employed as a prize to be earned by proverbially scratching the eyes out of the competition. Instead of encouraging the always productive mantra of working together, they are encouraging people to abandon their morals and workplace friendships for a pseudo gladiator style battle to keep their jobs.


3 thoughts on “Fox’s new reality show “Does Someone Have to Go?” is anti-worker propaganda (PETITION)

  1. That is sickening though I suspect that the companies who participate in this show will pay for it.Pitting employees against each other creates a distrustful and fragmented workforce. That will hurt productivity, turn-over and innovation for the company. The best and brightest employees will likely leave the company even if they weren’t included in this fiasco. The ones that stay will be ever wary of the next guy stealing their position so teamwork will drop off massively. Also if you are concerned about your employment then you will want others around you to fail but failure in business hurts the whole business. In short any business that willingly participates in a show like this will create problems for themselves and hurt the business’s long term survivability.


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