Texas House lawmakers have given final approval to a sweeping anti-abortion bill that would shutter almost all the state’s abortion clinics. The state Senate is set to take up Senate Bill 5 today. Pro-choice demonstrators have flooded the Capitol to protest provisions that include banning abortion at 20 weeks and requiring clinics to meet the standards of hospital-style surgery centers. Critics say only five out of 42 clinics would survive. On Monday, the bill’s Republican House sponsor, state Representative Jodie Laubenberg, suggested rape victims could obtain an abortion by seeking rape kits at an emergency room where “a woman can get cleaned out.” A rape kit is a forensic test that collects evidence used to prosecute sex crimes.


5 thoughts on “Texas House Gives Final Approval to Anti-Abortion Bill; Sponsor Suggests Rape Kits Provide Abortions

  1. As a Brit I don’t have a very good grasp of American politics, so do correct me where I have gone wrong. As I understand it the Republicans adhere to very “moral” lines and maintain personal social responsibility to a very high degree. They WANT children to be born to rapists and moral degenerates/perverts? Is this not inconsistent with their professed views?


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