Last summer, Bill talked with Scottish documentary filmmaker Anthony Baxter about his award-winning film You’ve Been Trumped! which chronicled Donald Trump’s aggressive efforts to build “the greatest golf course in the world” across ancient sand dunes in Scotland. Despite protests and lawsuits from the local community, Trump got his way: the golf course was built in 2010, uprooting family farmers nearby and infuriating conservationists who worried about the environmental impact of the project on the pristine coastline.

Now Trump is fuming. The Scottish government announced this week that eleven giant wind turbines will be built just off the coast of the state-of-the-art golf course in what the billionaire calls a “ridiculous proposal” that will, in his view, be “the destruction of Aberdeen and Scotland itself.” In a statement, he vowed to put all future phases of his project on hold, including the construction of a hotel, unless the plan is scrapped. “We will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed. All over the world they are being abandoned, but in Scotland they are being built.”