Investigators are looking into whether a paroled white supremacist may have killed a pizza delivery man and gunned down the top prisons official in Colorado before he led Texas authorities on a wild chase and shootout.

One theory in the case is that the parolee killed the delivery man for his uniform, and used the disguise to get the prisons official to open the door.

Investigators also believe the spree may be connected to a gang of white supremacists who are still in prison. Authorities from Colorado have traveled to Texas and are doing forensics tests to try to connect the crimes.

Sources identified the white supremacist to NBC affiliate KUSA as Evan Spencer Ebel. Medical examiners said he died Thursday after the chase and shootout in Texas.


2 thoughts on “Did white supremacist kill Colorado prisons boss, pizza delivery man?

  1. This is all over the news here in Denver. What a crazy story. Today revealed that our governor is friends with this killer’s father. He’s been having issues with him for a while.


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