GOP fiscal point man Paul Ryan has released his latest budget proposal.  Once again, it is a draconian resolution designed to exacerbate the growing inequality that is plaguing America’s economic recovery and which threatens the long-term heath and stability of the nation.  Simply put, Congressman Ryan’s plan transfers wealth from the middle class and poor to the very rich by cutting entitlement benefits and vital social services to pay for regressive tax rate changes desired by the plutocratic class.  Since this proposal has no chance of becoming law (to which even Ryan has admitted), it must be seen for what it truly is – a purely partisan manifesto to reaffirm right-wing conservative priorities.

Furthermore, aspects of Ryan’s budget are absurdly hypocritical.  To satisfy Tea Party demands to repeal Obamacare, he eliminates virtually all healthcare benefits from the ACA while keeping its tax increases and cuts to Medicare providers.  Apparently, he likes Obamacare’s financial savings but dislikes its expanded medical coverage for ordinary people.

Considering the GOP’s public image problem as a callous supporter of wealth (Mitt Romney’s 47% remarks, etc.) that befell it in the 2012 election, one must question the competency of the Republican leadership.  It seems as though they are either indifferent, or irrationally delusional, towards public opinion and discernible facts.  Or perhaps, they are just implementing a well-concealed strategy to circumvent both.

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