In a vain attempt to preserve their corporatist protection racket, the National Rifle Association is working with right-wing groups to militarize the nation’s schools – a blatantly disingenuous response to the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.  NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre has insisted that the only way to solve gun violence committed by “bad people” is to put more guns in the hands of “good people.”

Apparently, “call me crazy” LaPierre believes his personal opinion of who’s “bad” and who’s “good” is sufficient justification for arming more people with guns.  It must be just a coincidence that the weapons manufacturers he represents, through his organization, would profit immensely from increased sales of firearms.

Alright, for arguments sake, let’s turn our schools into militarized camps.  Law enforcement personnel can roam the grounds.  Teachers can be armed and trained for combat.  The buildings can be barricaded.  Security gates can be installed with the latest technology.  Guard towers can be built with machine gun nests and clear fields of fire.  The children can all wear the same body armor-equipped uniforms and march around in lockstep.  And even then, nothing will prevent a disturbed security guard or teacher or administrator from shooting innocent children.  In fact, the chances of this happening are heightened by the increased use of firearms.

Or, a mass shooting will happen someplace else like a shopping mall or public square.  Then what will Mr. LaPierre have us do?  Impose martial law on the entire nation?  Is he not advocating the same totalitarian ideology that led to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, and countless other dictators?

Yes, Mr. LaPierre is crazy.  His patently extreme viewpoint is born in sociopathy – a complete disregard for the human consequences that result from his own personal actions.  It is a socially pervasive, and growing, form of mental illness which causes those afflicted to deny empirical and consensual perceptions of reality.

America’s children need to be raised in an open and just society enlightened through education, objective reasoning, and the free flow of information – not in an insular one ruled by the gun.  Wayne LaPierre, along with his fanatical right-wing allies, need a psychiatrist.

2 thoughts on “The NRA’s solution to Mass Shootings: Totalitarianism

  1. you many interesting threads to grapple with…. however, I believe more guns are the answer….or at least a significant factor to stop the columbine effect as it occurs.

    the assailants are seeking targets with no resistance, as soon as resistance is offered, they end their lives and stop the barrage. ergo, offer more resistance in more places, by more people. not a regime change, however a change in how we go to church, the movies and school. this empowers the people compared to totalitarian societies.

    warm regards,


    • Josh, thanks for your rational comment. Increasing armed resistance (i.e., putting guns in schools) to gun-wielding assailants assumes that the firearms would be used to “good” purpose (as Mr. LaPierre claims). However, this would be extremely difficult to ensure. Police officers go through intensive training. They are taught how, when, and if, to employ their weapons; and they are prepared for dangerous situations through specific rules of engagement. But, police officers are expensive. In this age of budget deficits and government spending cuts, it would be prohibitively costly to put enough of them in public places to make any difference.

      Without qualified personnel, that leaves private security guards, administrators, and teachers, as the first line of defense against deranged gunmen. This scenario scares the living daylights out of me! Few of these folks, however well intentioned, would be up to the task. Their reactions would be problematic at best.

      Furthermore, school personnel suffer from the same mental illnesses that affect everyone else. At least police officers are more closely monitored. A teacher who “snaps” in a classroom, and who has immediate access to a gun, is a terribly frightening prospect.

      Schools are for learning, and the teacher’s job is to teach. It is society’s responsibility to protect them by making sure the underlying causes of gun violence are addressed in a preventative, rather than reactionary manner.


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