Stymied by a series of legal decisions against their voter-id and voter-purging efforts, the Republican Party and its benefactors have been using alternative means to suppress Democratic voter turnout.  In Virginia, a 31-year-old man working for the state Republican party was recently charged with 13 counts of destruction of voter registration applications, disclosure of voter registration information, and obstruction of justice.  He is a former employee of Strategic Allied Consulting which is under investigation for voter fraud in Florida.  In Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted has limited early voting to 16 total hours on the three days before the November 6th election.  His order was issued after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to reverse two lower court rulings opposing early voting restrictions in Ohio.  In Pennsylvania, advertisements are still telling voters they must show identification at the polls even though the Republican sponsored law which required it will not be in effect for this election.  Across the Midwest, intimidating billboards are being put up in primarily minority neighborhoods in an attempt to keep Democratic supporters from voting.

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